EDIT: 10/20/2108

We, at Camp4Heroes, would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to donors, contributors, volunteers, the community, and all those who assisted with relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Florence’s destruction. Hundreds of lives were impacted your combined efforts.

Thank you,

Camp4Heroes, Inc

During this time of devastation and healing in our community, our family at Camp4Heroes would like to extend our prayers, condolences and assistance to your families and to those who are in need as a result of Hurricane Florence.

Until further notice, all donations to Camp4Heroes will benefit Hurricane Florence relief and assistance efforts.

Additionally, Camp4Heroes will open its services and amenities, providing a hub for first responders and military and rescuers aiding in relief, offering shelter, showers, meals, and an opportunity to recuperate from Hurricane Florence. Food and supplies may be delivered directly to Camp4Heroes and Camp4Heroes will transport them to their necessary destinations.

Camp4Heroes Official Press Release:

Camp4Heroes’ mission is taking care of first-responders and veterans. As first-responders began contacting the camp seeking food, lodging and showers, the camp immediately put an action plan in place and teamed up with the town of Fairmont, North Carolina preparing for the community support required for the full devastation that is yet to come.

While Hurricane Florence has passed, the full force and effect of the storm’s devastation is still looming as flood waters continue to rise. At this point in time North Carolina has 1.2 million people displaced, an equivalent of filling the Bank of America football stadium 16 times. This number is expected to rise as flooding continues. As a result, Camp4Heroes has initiated Operation Call to Action and is stepping up as the community’s operation and distribution center for supplies and donations while hosting first-responders for their needs while helping the community.

With the assistance of UPS and NG1 Techflo, Camp4Heroes will have supplies donated while making distribution available for Fairmont and surrounding communities. Camp4Heroes will be available as a resource until the American Red Cross and FEMA are in place.

Camp4Heroes is 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN 81-1555077). Operation Call to Action is an ongoing process. Updates will be coming shortly once reefer trucks and supplies arrive at Camp4Heroes.

To make a donation or for more information, please visit www.Camp4Heroes.org and Camp4Heroes Official Facebook page.

For any questions, please contact Kathy Dent,Marketing Director for Camp4Heroes at kathy@camp4heroes.org.

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